Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Silent fear that dominates the sky
Living at the heart of darkness
Buzzing silence is only sort of music
Streak of minuscule light ray
Dared to break the spell
Of fear
Of Gloom

Giving way to shining arc of light
Bright and sunny slowly as it gets beside
Soothing breeze wanders freely
One may choose to fly

Deep blue sky
mesmerizing my senses
Brings me closer to reality
For which we descended
Hurt and pain
can wash away their tears
With sky so boutiful
And Hopes are dancing
why aint you so near

Little clouds shaping the feelings
Blue or Red
Or may be in this white noise
I keep forgetting..How I'm feeling!
I keep forgetting..How I'm feeling!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Run

The Pain was immense
Could let go
Could'nt hold on
Could'nt live with it
Could'nt die with it

Sick of his sense of feeling
Memories of his lost paradise
That Haunted his soul

A thought shaped his mind
He turned to run
Towards countryside
Towards road
In search of his fields of Gold

He ran until
His Grey clouds turned to Blue
He ran until
His tears evaporated in sweat
He ran until
His mind grew numb
Miles far away
From hurt and pain
Miles far away
From bruised feelings
That ruled his lonely mind

He ran until
Hate and love meant him one
Trust and faith had no meaning
Strangers and loved ones all looked same

He ran until
His soul released him all pain
bliss of touch healed his body and mind
Reaching state of utter silence
A state of utter ignorance
And that was his bliss